Brad Pitt worries that Angelina will badmouth him to the kids if he gets a girlfriend

All week, Brad Pitt’s team has been trying to make something happen with Emily Ratajkowski. Emily is 31 years old, 27 years younger than Brad. She’s a single mother going through a divorce, and her split is very recent. I find it rather gross to see Pitt’s opportunism here, although I concede that Emily probably likes that she’s getting some revenge on her estranged ex, who cheated her on her a lot, apparently. It’s also clear that Brad’s team is doing the most with this story because they really, really don’t want to talk about the FBI report from 2016, which showed that Brad terrorized and abused his wife and children on a plane. Brad’s team also doesn’t want to talk about all of his financial messes, his years-long financial abuse of Angelina, or the fact that he’s trying to sue her only to get his ass handed to him repeatedly in court. I was thinking about all of that as I read Page Six’s latest blurb on Brad & Emily:

There’s just too much divorce drama for Brad Pitt to handle. Page Six recently reported that the superstar has been seen out with model Emily Ratajkowski, though they’re not officially dating. But we’re now told that he’s keeping their friendly relationship low-key — because he and the model are both in the midst of messy public breakups.

“Brad has quietly dated the last couple of years. He worries that [Angelina] Jolie will badmouth him to their kids, more than she already has, if he has a serious girlfriend,” a source said.

Pitt, 58, and Jolie, 47, split in 2016 and have since been locked in an ugly battle involving leaked FBI records, allegations of domestic violence, a bitter custody battle and, most recently, a $250 million lawsuit over their French winery.

Meanwhile, Ratajkowski, 31, filed for divorce from Sebastian Bear-McClard amid reports of him cheating. (Bear-McClard has not commented publicly on the allegations.) So, says a source, “Bratajkowski” is “very casual” at the moment.

“Emily is hot mama, but Brad knows she has a lot of drama involving her divorce,” said an insider. “He has enough of his own drama.”

[From Page Six]

I’m sorry, WHAT? “He worries that [Angelina] Jolie will badmouth him to their kids, more than she already has, if he has a serious girlfriend.” That’s how Brad is explaining why very few women want anything to do with him? That’s how he’s explaining his inability to land a serious girlfriend, thus resorting to the Neri Oxman debacle, the Nico Poturaski mess and this current campaign with Emily? And no, Angelina isn’t badmouthing him to the kids, the kids witnessed Brad abuse Jolie. The kids want nothing to do with him. Brad’s need to make this all about how Angelina is, what? Petty, vindictive, jealous even? It’s so pathetic given that she fled her abuser and never looked back.

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