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You dont boycott HollywoodYou dont want to support this liberal cause. After all these years, you still cant believe that you might have voted for Donald Trump. Now the world is changing so dramatically, you had to vote for a demagogue who promised to change things and to make America great again. For the first time in decades, you cant picture yourself or your life with that same sense of optimism and hope. Your outlook on life has been so dark for so long that this thought makes you feel ill. You shake your head and refuse to be manipulated again. 19th of AprilYou wake up early and pack your bags so you dont have to drive out to Los Angeles today. You decide to fly out the next day, since there isnt much point to waiting a month. You also have too much important shit to do. Most importantly, you want to see if theres any chance you can still become a superhero, or at least be in the same league. You fly out to Los AngelesFlying out to Los Angeles should just be a matter of flying into LAX and renting a car. Youll be able to save yourself plenty of money, and you have to admit, itll be fun to explore Los Angeles by yourself. The next morning, you grab your bags and rush out the door before anyone else even wakes up. You remember that youve got two weeks in California to get ready for your first mission. You quickly grab your rental car, which surprisingly has no GPS system, so you have to physically find it drive out to the airport and head straight to the rental counter. The attendant is a little concerned about how youre rushing out the door, but agrees to let you in. You grab your bags and climb into the drivers seat of the car, ready to go as soon as you drive off the lot. After driving for a few minutes, you start to notice that the streets and highways are totally empty. It seems the government is trying to send a message to you as well. You know that superheroes are usually welcomed by the citizens, but what the hell is going on here. Turning on the radio tells you an announcement about a bombing in Kansas City was in your direction. You quickly turn the radio off as fast as possible until you remember that you left it on the passenger seat. You then turn it on and find that youre in Kansas City and havent even made it to the airport yet. You keep driving but are finding it hard to stay on the road.

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