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I think this story and our future is more interesting. You look a little more like a Jew than I remember you from back in the day. My name is John Smith and I am a writer. I was at a party at an old house when I met your mother and brother. We became friends and I have been trying to write a book about you ever since. It is now over a year since I had the great misfortune of meeting you and I have written everything that I have about you down. You tell her about your childhood in New York CityYou are a writer, correct. I have read a few of your books, they are wonderful. I like to try to tell my stories, you say. I wonder if I could get you to edit my story for publication. A few seconds pass when you do not hear any reply. You are a little worried at this point that she has passed out from drinking and fallen asleep in her chair and while you would be glad to help you do this if only to keep her company for a little while longer you are concerned about her too. You decide that you need to be more serious and get your story off your chest before she passes out. The next day you call the party and see if your name has been called, you do not get an answer so you assume that your mother is not answering. You call the party again and find that it has indeed been called and your name has been called. You walk up and down the room admiring your wifes legs, a beautiful blonde set. Her legs may very well be the largest set you have ever seen. Her ass is well endowed and she is still slim too. You then turn your attention to her face. Her eyes are a dark brown and her beautiful lips look great too. You think you can see a hint of red from under her beautiful dark brow. I have written about you in my story, but I have not gotten it published yet.

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