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The first time you and your parents went to a house party, you were too drunk to move when you entered. The second time, the two men who held you were holding a lighter to your crotch. On both of these occasions, the men who held your hands were holding rifles. Today was the third time you were being held in the houses you visited and the fourth time this week. The house was not really one of the better ones, just a nice one. Still, this was in the city, so it might as well have been better. A large amount of SWAT team trucks sat outside, while several squad cars watched from the parking lot. The house wasnt one of the better ones, just a nice one. The men who held you up that night were dressed in black tactical gear. They were armed to the teeth and seemed to be looking for trouble. As you were held, they looked like cops, but there was no way they were from the police; they looked a little too. The cops seemed to have guns too, but they were aimed at you and the man holding you. Cops, you heard one of them say, but they dont look like they do. The man holding you was obviously in charge of all this. The two men holding your hands were clearly terrified of him. He was tall, of course he seemed to be in charge of the situation, and he didnt look at all like a man you had anything in common with. You couldnt see his face, but you could see his eyes, which were full of malice. He said, without even looking at you. He motioned for the men holding you to come closer.

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