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Book 1: Chapter 11: Death March The streets are calm. There is a slight chill in the air, but it is not like the cold you felt in the abandoned warehouses of the Lower Ring. You have arrived at the North Quay, which is where your destination is. The square here is filled with stalls and stalls selling food, drinks, and other things you would find common in any city where there is a large enough population. An open market like this would be a perfect place for you to stock up on supplies and get some rest in between your encounters and escapes from those you have come to recognize as the Necromancer Lords minions. You make your way across the square, which is quite empty save for a few more guards patrolling. They move with a surprising grace given that this is the streets of the Redcap District. It is surprising how well they dont move in a straight line, or even just in a straight line. You watch them darting around corners on their own, but when you come to a cross street you see that the guards are not alone. You continue to the North QuayYou continue forward through the crowded North Quay, which is bustling with activity as merchants have taken advantage of the chaos to prepare and stock up on the necessities of life. The North Quay is also a great place for escape and evasion techniques. It is very well lit, and provides a wide escape route. You can also sneak around behind traders to try to steal something, but there are some restrictions. You enter a stall full of foodYou slip behind a stall full of food and steal a pouch of coins, which you then take to your bag. When the last guard spots you, you slip past and exit the North Quay, where you find a wide open area with just the.

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