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You look at them to see her looking at you. Then you both look around the room. Afterwards a little bit later you start to move towards her. Alright alright alright, dont try anything, but I was wondering, you seem to have a rather good memory. She turns her head sideways with her eyes, like you do to her. But while doing so she puts up her hands and touches your face in a small way, from the bottom of your nose up to your hairline and then touches your ear. You stare at her fingersYou stare at her fingers and feel a sudden desire to touch them. I have some kind of illness, what do you want to do. Do something, anything for me, but I want to see that you really really really love me. And with that she puts up her hands and touches your fingers, moving them slowly at first, then faster. Then she places her hands in your hair, and looks into your eyes, kissing you again. Afterwards she closes her eyes slightly and starts to breathe. You start rubbing her stomach, and she start rubbing yours. She doesnt feel anything, but something seems to be different with you as she starts to smile. She asks you in a whisper, looking at your face. You keep doing that, rubbing her stomach, kissing her forehead, looking at her face, holding her hands, feeling her. You continue doing that for a bit and soon you get the feeling of her hot breath on your face. She says, as you kiss her again, more passionately this time. Then she takes your hand, holds it a little as if she wants you to hold onto her. You do so, feeling so happy, then suddenly you feel something cold on your hand. She says, as her warm breath touches your face. I have something for you to feel good, its something I found, and found when I was in the wilderness, but I wanted to give it to you as soon as I found you in the Forest. Its something different to you, something for me, and its really good for you.

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