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And the way you like to talk about women just makes it better. I remember you talking about how you wanted to show me how a real man talks to a real woman in those years just after you met me. It seemed like a good way to see if you were a real man already since the very beginning. I thought I was, but I knew you didnt want me as a real woman. You wanted to see if I wanted to be one as well, since I was right to question you. But even if you were right, you didnt want to play that game any more than I did. After all you came here to see if I want to become part of your little gang or not. This is different, you want me here as a real girlfriend, not just a friend. You need to see if I can give you the answer you were looking for. I can give you the answer you were looking for. Thats why you came here; you came to see if I could give it to you. S strange; I thought you were going to go talk to her right now. Ve guessed just from your conversation with Diana. His face looks a bit confused, but he quickly stands up to speak. S not one of my other girlfriends. T realize you hung out with the ones who were into that. M not really into that sort of stuff anymore, but I still like to fantasize about it, but no more. M more into the whole freedom thing. I like to be in control of something, so if I am going to be part of a gang, I want to be part of something that is going to give me complete freedom.

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