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Look, if you dont want to do this, I wont force you. Sister: Okay, Im going to leave you. You can change what you want to wear if you want. Youre welcome to wear something thats comfortable or something thats formal, I can help you make that decision. You leave the sisters and wander through the forest until the day begins to get hot. You find a nice quiet spot and sit down for the day. You realize that there are very few other people around. No animals, no wildlife, not even the occasional tree. You think back on when the other children were here too. How their excited reactions at the smallest of things would really make you happy. Cant you see what kind of man I am. You: I just want to be by your side forever and always. You: I fell in love with you and I just couldnt stop it. You: I know I can never have a nice place to stay. I can never afford to go anywhere and be taken care of.

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