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S about the most evil, dark, horrible, twisted show ever. Or perhaps he is just making a declaration of himself to you. Either way he is not a leader anymore, he is not a counselor, he is now on his own island. T been in a situation like this since your dad died. Okay, what the hell am I supposed to do now. T even think I can help you. Youll find a place where you can still be of service. T even sure how you can help him. T want to deal with them right now. Ve come up with is to go back home. T want to, but you do wonder about how to handle this on your way back. Could you make a run to the hospital in time. S got a job down there again, And you do wonder if all this is going to affect your future. You go back homeYou take that offer. T even want to think about all the other weird shit that is going on in your mind right now. You just have to go back home to your family and get them some sleep. You have no idea what is going on, but you are finally going to be at home. Re ready to just go back to the comfortable comfort of your home for a long time.

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