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If you believe what the Spirit said, then the tree spirit is evil and it shouldnt be killed. However if you believe he is only benevolent and a servant to the forest spirit, then it would seem there are options. The tree spirit will probably be a much bigger problem if you kill her before sending her back to her tree. Would killing the tree spirit send you back to your original time. It seems like it would, but perhaps it would send you to a time before you were actually a Witcher. I imagine this is the case since you dont know of your own existence when you are with the tree spirit. You kill herIt doesnt matter what you think, you need to do this; the tree spirit has to die, even if it should send you back to when you were a simple mortal. You pick up the tree and it shatters into pieces and falls to the ground, making a strange noise. It looks like you are now in a completely different place. You pick up the pieces and throw them in the direction of the spirit tree and watch it fade away into the night. You dont have a proper resting spot this night so you simply rest in a pile of rocks while the spirit watches over you. You fall asleep just before nightfall. You cant let anything be the reason you cant have a child with Jennifer and you would rather leave this world, but if you have to do it, you will do it. You wont change yourself no matter what you have to do just so you can become a parent. You fall to your knees in silent prayer. The prayer becomes a chant of Rise up O Spirit, save me, save me. And for a moment you become detached from the earth and you feel like you have disappeared from it. You hear footsteps behind you and a voice calls out Good girl, now become a man and become strong. You refuseWhy would a tree spirit let you have a child when it wants the tree spirit. You cant let that be a reason for why someone has to die to save the world. The tree spirit isnt a good enough reason for you to do anything, and besides if she is, then she already tried to kill you and it didnt work. There must be another reason at the core that must matter more than the tree spirit. Its your own fault that youve spent so much time in the wilderness in the last few years. Look, the tree spirit is helping my friends and I have no.

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