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Get yourself one of the 1,000 Black owned beauty supply stores. You close the windowYou close the window and pull the blinds tightly shut. You wait five minutesFive minutes pass and you hear the sound of trucks approaching. You sigh, you feel slightly vulnerable now. You slowly raise your head and see several of the truck drivers approaching from every direction. You can hear them talking and laughing. You run for the doorYou scream as loud as you can and run for the door, the sound of their engines fills your mind. You dont look behind you as you run into the night. You run for the door and run up the stairs. You swing the door shut and you are about to open it and get out of the house when the door suddenly flies open and you see a large man standing in front of you pointing a rifle barrel at you. You step inside and are immediately greeted by the warmth of the sun. You immediately start searching for food in the kitchen and you find that youve already found something. On the counter sits a fresh baked cake with frosting and powdered sugar. You eat the cake and you feel relaxed and at ease. Edgeworth then you head out to his office and knock on the door. Edgeworth coming down the hall and you head up to greet him with your arms out: Edgeworth, Im so glad you could make this happen. Im not really sure what else can be done for you though. I figure your sister was probably in the same situation I was a couple of years ago. You tell him you knew his sister was a witchLisa is my girlfriend. I knew her when she was little and she seemed normal enough. Edgeworth beams while putting the cake down. Its her real one not her game one, so its July 25. You confirm that You are Lisas real big sister with your own birthdayWow okay, Im Lisas big sister. Oh you dont have any siblings, but Im sure you know someone close to you.

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