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Sigh, You start thinking about your sister, and all the things you said as they were getting to know each other and you couldnt help being proud of what she could do. You find yourself thinking about the fact that she might have even been part of your first crush; she was only in this profession because her family had no real money and she had an aunt that was a seamstress and she took after her. She could do more with two hands than you ever did with your whole mouth. T hurt that she made everything look so pretty with just her hands. M not just doing this for my sister. You shout and get up off the stone floor with a start. I suppose I was jealous of her talent, so I was jealous when she got a bit of fame. S looking like my sister will be with another. You say and then you hug Mary and kiss her on the lips before Mary pulls away. M not going to fault her for thinking about someone else. You look at Mary and shake your head again. Why the fuck do you keep on pushing her away. Mary, I just told you once before in my letter to you and we just renewed our vows, I want to be by your side the rest of my life.

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