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From left to right, the shades include:Bite Beauty: Sweet Heart, Peach, Peach Pucker, Sweetness, and Peach Brittle. Addicted to DestructionBite Beauty: The Shimer Lip Color Kit is available in Sephora and Ulta. The Shimer Lip Color Kit will be available in Sephora and Ulta on March 20. In this first installment on their upcoming new album, the National reflect on their first two albums together, including how it feels to have a name thats currently under legal threat for trademark infringement. That the National was in legal trouble for trademark infringement after they were named the same as a band named the National. After a lot of thought, I just started going through my old music and putting them in order, so that I could get them all in the order they were made. I think the National are the oldest band here, but a few of my favorites are older. I also think Im the only one here that likes them both. Im just surprised that something like this would come at the end. I think it means a lot to you to have made it this far, but it doesnt mean anything to us. It doesnt mean anything to us as musicians anyway. Its just a way were grateful that people like what we do. Like the rest of the bands here, were just trying to do our own thing. When we were making this album, it took us ten years. This was a lot of time to just relax and enjoy ourselves. It was probably the best ten years weve had. But then, if we dont come up with a new album before the end of the year, then were going to be on hiatus for a while. It means that were going to be taking a break for the time being. In fact, its probably for the best that were going to do a break. There are a couple of things were going to try and avoid as much as possible. This means no tour, no records, no press and no anything that involves contact with the public. In fact, I dont believe there will even be an EP or a live release from us. This just means, well still release more songs and the songs we release will be better. Im just sure some of them are going to be a little.

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