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You a lip glossLip glosses are meant to be moisturizing. Theyre not meant to make you look like you dont know whats going on. You havent had much luck with lip glosses so far, but youll find the time. You a lipstick shadeYouve tried a bunch of different lipsticks and theyre all the same, no one can tell a lipstick from the next, and this one is very pretty. You a lipstick that suits your complexionYouve discovered that the lipstick youre currently wearing is the one that fits your complexion best. In fact youve found a shade that matches almost perfectly so much that youve started wearing it as your daily lipstick for the past few days. You a better optionIt appears that you have a better option with only the use of one of the lipsticks youve tried before. Unfortunately it would also appear that the better option has a higher price so youre going to have to make a decision. You use the cheaper lipstickIt appears youve run out of lipstick and can only use one of the lipsticks from the previous three attempts, and a few lipsticks you bought over the Internet, before you ran out of them. Youve tried the cheaper lipstick and while its a little more comfortable, youve decided not to use it since youve finally found a shade that suits you. Youre sure there have been others who have found a shade like yours too. You continue and saveYou continue and use the cheap lipstick the rest of the day. While it might be comfortable, its not the color that will fit you. Youve been using it because, well its comfortable. You decide to return itYou return the lipstick youve used, and you decide youll try out the other ones. You continueYou continue and use a different lipstick, and return it. You think youll make a decision at this point, but you decide to return it anyway since your first reaction was so positive and even your second reaction was a positive one since you found the shade you were looking for. You have decided to keep trying a new lipstick for the following days. You return itYou return the lipstick youve used. You wonder if you shouldve spent the money on an actual lipstick. You continueYou continue and find another lipstick for the next day. Youre not sure how much longer youll be using the lipstick, but you think youll see if itll be the one that fits you. You continueYou continue to search for a new lipstick, but youre having.

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