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I dont even see any logic behind that. The whole point of this fucking thing is to get the fuck out of it all, and if you REALLY do have a problem with that concept, you have bigger problems. If you want to be a star, then live it up in a cave somewhere, not act like a complete asshole to a few girls that just happen to be in the right place at the right time. The fact that youre acting like a complete asshole to a few women and making everyone think youre a total asshole to them is a big red flag that you dont give a fuck about anything else. Just leave her alone already, she seems nice. You dont even know who any of these people are, you just went to see some old buddy of yours and were surprised to find out theyre all here. Maybe if you go around the stage and ignore the fan, you could get someone to listen to you and not just some random asshole. You go up to the fan and ignore itYou know nothing about these people, but ignoring the fan isnt exactly the way to go about things. You get to the door to the stage and ignore the fan. Theres a knock and then a voice through the door. This voice is that of a girl so you hold on to the door for a bit and wait as the girl enters from offstage. You give two seconds to any man who enters this room, but you let one go. But I thought you hated me because you were a douche to me. Youre still not interested, but Sarahs pretty persistent so you go back to staring at the fan. There is no need to insult me and be in my presence if you do not mean any ill will. You stand up and walk over to the fan and sit down. You guys are fucking weird You dont get involvedYou decide not to get involved. This girl and her brother dont really know you. Unless theyre a couple, or you want to be involved in some way. Or they know you and youre just acting tough because theyre in your presence. You go back to your carYou decide youre not going to get involved.

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