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As you can see, they are all doing extremely well. You: Im gonna-The panel of women stare back at you, none of them really knowing what to say. You smile at Lucy and hold out your hand for her to shake. She smiles back and accepts your handshake, then turns to the rest of the group and starts speaking to them. You: Well now, thats certainly different. Lucy gives you a wide smile, which is quickly replaced by a frown. You: So what did you want to talk about. You interrupt her before she can even start anything. Its hard to tell whether she thinks youre being flippant or is genuinely upset. She asks, a bit bewildered by your question, How do I put this. She does however turn her attention back to you. Lucy, I dont think I really should tell you the reason. If I did, there wouldnt be enough time to say it right. I was bullied a lot, and I had nowhere else to go even though I was a pretty good student. I was in an abusive relationship at the time, and I also had my family problems as well. I dont really want to go into more details. Lucy blushes a bit, even though she doesnt seem to be in pain. She says, So Im not really allowed to tell anyone about this. No, and Im glad you dont, because Im sure thats why you left. If you hadnt, wouldnt you still be there, being bullied by your peers and suffering in an abusive relationship. Lucy looks at you with a little sadness in her eyes, and then takes a deep breath and says something that you didnt expect.

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