BGTs Jordan Banjo shocked over weight loss transformation as he shares snaps

Britain’s Got Talent winner Jordan Banjo has admitted he was "shocked" after looking at before and after pics of his weight loss transformation.

The 29 year old Diversity star shared the snaps online on Friday which show a change in the dancer’s physique.

Jordan has completely changed his lifestyle which has helped him to become healthier.

He admits in the before picture he was not dancing as much as he used to and he had "no diet structure" or motivation.

Now, after overhauling his mindset and regaining focus, the star looks confident and happy in his after snap.

He wrote: Still shocks me when I see this.

“Way less dancing, no diet structure and a lack of motivation had me how I was in the first pic

“But getting the mindset right and having a focus which was getting ready for tour has me where I am now.

“Random I know but thought I’d share because looking at those pics next to each other just gave me a shock."

In the before picture Jordan is softly smiling while wearing a red shirt, but in his ‘after’ snap the I’m A Celebrity star is beaming while looking trimmer.

Friends and fans congratulated the star on his transformation.

His Diversity pal Perri Kiely wrote: "My bro," and sports promoter Eddie Hearn said: "Easy done mate! Congrats on the get back!"

Jordan is putting his changed diet and mindset to use by hosting BBC’s money-saving programme Eat Well For Less, taking over from Gregg Wallace.

He is helping families across the country make delicious dinners without spending loads of money.

Alongside fresh produce importer Chris Bavin, Jordan will offer families advice about how to do their shopping effectively and cook using cheap recipes.

Dance troupe Diversity, fronted by Ashley Banjo, appeared on season three of Britain’s Got Talent in 2009.

The group won the competition, beating favourite Susan Boil, and over the past 13 years they have embarked on multiple tours as a group, including their 2022 tour Connected.

Since starring on the talent show, Jordan has also pursued a solo career on television and radio.

Jordan also hosts the Breakfast show on Kiss FM radio station alongside Perri Kiely, 26.

He was unmasked as the Viper in The Masked Dancer in 2021 after being voted off the show.

Jordan is engaged to 30 year old Naomi Courts, and the couple have two kids together Cassius Ashley, three, and Mayowa ‘Mimi’ Angel Banjo, two.

After winning BGT at the age of 16, Jordan toldMyLondon that he was told he was morbidly obese.

He recalled: “We had to have medicals and stuff, and when the doctor tells you at 16, you’re a teenager your confidence is a bit all over the place anyway.

“It's like 'Look I'm gonna level with you'.

"Hearing it as a medical term makes it even scarier, 'Look you are morbidly obese, you either start making some serious lifestyle changes or you’re gonna have some serious health problems'.

“You hear that at 16 and it’s like 'Woah'."

He went on to explain that he was encouraged to lose weight for his career, not because of how he looked: "It was about being in a happier, healthier place for me and that’s what kickstarted it.”

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