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By deciding that cyberspace can mean quite a lot of things. This is the latest in a series of measures announced as part of its Anti-Terrorism Act, in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. The government is taking control of the internet to thwart Islamic State terrorists. But while it is good that the government is doing something about terrorism, it seems a bit odd to be talking about controlling the internet in the same breath as addressing it. The government says that the legislation will allow it to take control of an entity that is inherently liable to be used for terrorism. In other words, even if the internet is not currently being used for terrorist purposes, there is a risk that it could one day be used for such purposes. Its a long-held view that the internet is not only being used by terrorists, but also by criminal gangs, human traffickers and copyright pirates. The government says the legislation will allow law enforcement agencies to identify websites that have been found to incite terrorism, but it has not specified what those websites might entail. It is not known how the legislation will be implemented, but there needs to be a mechanism in place to block or filter certain websites, presumably through court orders. The legislation also creates a judicial oversight agency, the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, ASIO to monitor overseas communications. The Australian Communications and Media Authority, ACMA which is already an organisation responsible for policing the media in Australia, will be incorporated into ASIO and will be given the power to monitor websites within its jurisdiction. ACMA has not been given the power to block websites. It would be another avenue by which the government could have the power to block websites, however, it seems unlikely that this would be the case. The only other option is that it would be able to impose a fine on a website, though that might also not be possible. It should be noted, however, that this legislation does not give the government a greater ability to monitor the internet. There is still the issue of interception warrants and there is also the issue of whether there are sufficient resources, given that there are currently about 2,400 judges across Australia. The government has said that it will review Australias laws and the balance between privacy, individual rights and security has been called into question. The government has also said that the changes will be in the interest of protecting Australians from the threat of terrorism. But theyve also introduced legislation that will allow the government to access the communications of people suspected of terrorism offences. The legislation in its current form was introduced into Parliament in the last week of June. It was passed by both the Senate and the House of Representatives last week.

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