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You go to another counter and find the same woman waiting for you there, you also notice that a sign above her name says Manager, she looks a lot younger than you so she is probably in her 20s, she asks how you are liking the store and if you need any help with anything. You tell her you are enjoying it and she thanks you and thanks the rest of the staff and gives you a card you can use to pay for anything you want. You buy stuffYou walk out of the store and into the street. You have no idea what to buy, but one thing for sure is you cant afford to be without a decent haircut. You head to the nearest barber shop and see that it is a place that you have been going to a lot in your previous life and it looks like you will have to go back sometimes. You pay for your haircut and the barber looks at you expectantly. Do you have any tattoos on your lower back or sides. Yes, but dont want to show them offNo, but when I get out of here, I will have to shave them off. You say not really understanding his question and he gives you a puzzled look. He takes your card and writes down some directions on it and gives it back to you. If you ever run out of anything he does sell lotions, lotions, lotions. You are really hoping you get the whole tattoo thing, youre not going to be able to go back home if something happens to you. You pay him and he says he will be able to do it. Thank you, you dont normally give people money like this if they do a good job. I will get it done as soon as I can, if you ever need to do something urgent just ask. Let me know if I can do it again sometime, Ive got a lot of time to spare. You go homeAfter your haircut you decide you would like to stay and see how things are going at the shop while you are there, plus you dont want to get too close to the shopkeeper when you leave. You head out of the barber shop and head to the shop back home. The streets are very dangerous right now after the riots. You are a bit worried that the shop wont be safe there so you decide to take the long way home to avoid it. At night though, you really dont want to be out late with no way of backtracking, you might get mugged if you are seen too often, which is a real possibility, so you decide to call it a night. Alright I think I will get some sleep, I wont be heading back to the shop until late. You say and then put your phone on silent and you head back to bed.

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