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Las Vegas is a populated area for music and theaters and theres no place like It. You and the rest of the group take a brief survey of the area. T really saying much, since tourist traps are a dime a dozen nowadays. Once all the groups are consolidated at some spot along the Strip, you and the others wait for the stampede of cars to subside a bit before you all reconvene back near the tram. The trip there took a little over an hour; you and your group split up once again, with you, Alex, and Charlie going to the Greyhound Station to board the next one back to Portland, Ore. Then the group splits up again, with you and Alex staying in the Strip again to get some last minute rest before going to the next strip, which is what you do once the crowds start to thin out a bit. S just you, Alex, Johnny, and the owner of the bar, a balding man in tight denim shorts, walking along the middle of the street. S just sitting near the entrance, and whenever anyone comes in, even if they paid the door girl, all they have to do is buy a drink and she gives them free drinks. He explains, then starts talking about the strip and the other shows going on in the area. S now run a successful show with two other girls. The group nods, seeming to get it, then you all part company and walk to the side, heading towards a taxi stand. Now I want you guys to buy something. If you buy something for me, you get a free drink. M going to give you free drinks. You buy a drink for the ownerYou head to the bar, and the owner hands you.

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