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As a result of your previous dealings with the Crimson Talons, you have taken their lead in organizing and running their illegal gambling establishment. In exchange for making a safe and lucrative gambling spot for a few of their members, youve agreed to provide them with a steady supply of weapons, money, drugs and women. Youve also agreed to help them break into the safe houses of various criminal organizations in hopes of obtaining valuable information about their territory. All of this is fine with you, if a little too secretive. Youre not sure if you should be upset about it, or if itll be a good way to keep your underworld contacts from getting suspicious. Youve got a pretty good job, and youre just bored with the way things are going at your apartment. After all, youve got some skill in the areas of your choice so why not use it and make the most you can out of it. Youve got some decent contacts in the underworld and you figure the Crimson Talons will do you a lot more good than the San Jose PD. You figure theyll provide a few protection of the women and drugs, and theyll give you the money you need. Hours later you still havent gotten a response. You were starting to get worried, but you have a better idea that might be a better fit. Subject: NEW JOBS From: You Hello, My name is, and I have the ability to do at a level equal to or superior to your employees. I have been in search for a job that will allow me to spend my time focusing on my skills and abilities, rather than mundane drudgery. If you are interested in an equal exchange of services, you will find that I can be very effective. My time is from the time I wake up, to the time I go to sleep, depending on how much you are willing to pay me and what sort of tasks I can accomplish for you. I can be a part of your organizations plan against the Syndicate, since I have already worked with them on many occasions so I am familiar with their territory and systems. I will not be held up by the bureaucracy, since I am a minor with no criminal record. I will also be able to work in your sewers and can reach the tunnels easily, allowing me to bypass the watchful eye of the police in the sewers. I am aware of the layout of many of the tunnels, and I have access to any secret passages you have that will allow me to enter your systems. I can also be of great help in the fight against the Syndicate as I have dealt with their members and know their weaknesses.

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