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You vote to LeaveIm tired of the whole damn place. Why the fuck do I have to pay so much to live in a dump and why the fuck do I need to deal with this dumb mall with the shithead who runs it. The only reason why Im staying is because of a girl Im seeing that lives here called Hailey. I dont even know why were leaving. Im leaving, and if I have to go back to Portland for a job, Im not going to bother going back here. Im leaving because Im tired of all the shit thats been happening here. Im tired of listening to this asshole who runs this mall talk and complaining about how he needs to do things a certain way. Im leaving because Im tired of being the butt of everyones jokes. Im tired of this place trying to get me in trouble every time I go out. But most of all, Im tired of having to live here. Ive been here for 5 years and Im tired and I need to get the fuck out. -A You stayIm leaving, because my life is mine and its mine alone and nobody is going to fucking care about the shit thats going on here anymore. I dont care if you have a mall and a beauty school. Whats going on here was never good enough and youre just going to keep getting worse. You might have some kind of charm but I guarantee you only the weakest of people will be attracted to you. Im not just saying that, Im already leaving. You cant make me leave If you are an asshole like you claim, you leave, You leaveFuck this place. Im done If you are a nice person like you claim, you leave, You stayFine. I dont want to deal with this anymore, I give up. -AWhat I just did isnt what some people would do for a simple decision. I felt like I was being bullied by some random asshole and I fought back. Im sorry everyone, but Im just not going to deal with this anymore. Thank you for taking me in and making me feel like I had a family here. This is my address so feel free to stop by.

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