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T really have a whole lot else in mind for your trip on the surface. You head over to the surface and look around a bit. T exactly the healthiest thing to do in the middle of the night, but you need to rest anyway. As you lay there, you reflect on your own situation. You are a young man who has probably been given no choice in where his parents were born. You had no real choice at all in what you did in the world. And you spent most of your life doing them. You had your career, you had your life, you had goals and they seemed to be growing ever closer with each passing year, but none of it mattered in the end. It all started when you were just a kid. You were wandering aimlessly, searching for new experiences and new people. You wandered across the country, in a small group of four. You spent some time in the nearby town of Eden Prairie, but you ran out of supplies and were left to your own devices once more. You decided to head back to your starting point and try to come up with an idea of where you should go next. You spent a couple of days in a tiny cabin in the woods, until you heard a rumble. T think much of it at the time, but it was only a few days later that the rumble started becoming louder and louder. You wondered if you had caused it, but then another one began to sound. The sound eventually got so loud that it could be heard from the edge of town. T really sure if you should panic or not and why was this happening. You were also getting tired of all this unusual sound so you decide to leave one last time. You made your decision and packed up everything you had. T have any more supplies, so you just packed up what you could carry in your pack. You then hopped on your bike and went down to the edge of town. You had to wait for several hours, during which time you got bored and wandered around the town a bit as you always did. Hmmmm, sounds like a giant monster is attacking something.

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