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The queen has sent me to make sure you are here. You leave the buildingYou shake your head. S body any longer than you have to. You go upstairs and wait for the queen you were promised to arrive and there she is. S not the same as a week ago and you can hear the age difference. D rather hear it than her body.

You pop your head into her office to see how your day has been. You can see that she has her laptop open, playing an anime video. She starts crying, saying I cant even go to work. You can use your internet at school. I can check it later, and see if its all good there. I had friends there, I had a class, everything was fine. She hugs you tightly, and then she goes to hug her friend, Park. Meanwhile, you leave, thinking to yourself, Thats her mom, shes so nice. You are the Best of Friends ForeverYou embrace her, before turning your attention to your computer. How come my webcam is white, but yours is black. Lisa smiles at your answer before starting to type on her computer. You press the button to start streaming on her webcam. She starts playing with her long red hair, giggling. Your eyes are glued to her, as she begins to touch herself. Suddenly, her hand hits her own crotch. She begins to shake, and then she screams, as her tears run down her face. You try to take your eyes off her, but are unable to do so, as the streaming continues. You stare at her, as you begin to get turned on, from this odd confession.

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