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The new beauty trends that will change everything will be nail art. The reason is the current nail technique and polish colors are toofar from the trends now. Nail Art is the next big beauty trend in Gen-Z. S also going to be in the future for Gen-Y, but not as much. You can make better looking nails with new nail art. It is also going to make cosmetic coloring look so much better in Gen-Z. Even if you can onlyget by with cosmetic coloring now, I think youwill be able to eventually, so long as you stayconnected to the trends and the community that isgoing to see its best days soon. It is also going to be very useful for your cosmeticartistry. Ll be able to get morecustomization than ever before. It means that beauty products will be able totruly be customized by you to your liking and needsinstead of simply being made to meet a standard. In fact, you might even be able to get a better dealthan you do with your current cosmetic coloring. With nail polish to make your beauty look alluring. With nail polish and nail polish removers to get outthe worst damage that you can. With makeup and hair care to make you feel better. With hair and makeup to keep your hair shiny. With makeup and hair care to style and enhance your hairto make you feel beautiful and unique. You decide to invest in aNail ArtA new techniquethat is going to change the world. Maybe in your lifetime, but not in the medium of yourbody.

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