Beauty & the briefcase

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You really should invest some of your money. Ill even have an account set up so you can get some interest. The only problem is, youre not exactly sure who to trust. You need to see who you can trust. The first person you need to go see is your old friend Bobby. You didnt think youd ever see him again after you broke up with him, but you still miss him. You walk to his house and knock very softly on the door. When nobody answers, you call back and nobody answers either. You wait until you get to his front door, then you ring the doorbell and ring again. You ring the bell twice more, the third time you think someone might have heard you. You ring the doorbell a last time and you get a muffled voice. You open the door and enter Bobbys backyard. There is a large dog chained up next to Bobby. You dont have much money but Bobby will pay for the dogs medical bills, at least he did before they killed it. After thanking Bobby for what he did for you, you walk back to Bobbys place. Your next stop is to your old friend Mark. You now work there full time, You were a bit nervous about going to work with nobody there to guide you. You walk in with your bag full of stuff and stand at a table to the left of the cashier. You know, we used to meet up in the park a lot, do you remember. Mark says as he sits next to you. Wed go play hide and seek together.

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