Beauty & the beast (2012 tv series)

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You were taught that when you were little. You will become a good girl when you die. You always were good, so you will always stay that way. You have no need anymore to be a bad girl. All you need to do is get your brother out of the room. Good things come to those who wait, right. You eat a big piece of chocolate cake. Everything is overspoiler I know this ending for the fact Im writing it, so Im pretty sure this isnt going to end well, but I feel like Im in the mood to be sad right now, maybe its because I just think of my brother and I know how much he loves his sister and how much hed do anything for her and the fact that Im still in love with my sister and I know that shes probably had some boyfriend that shes had to break up with now and shes probably getting more jealous than she did before for no apparent reason, and like I said, shes trying to kill him over this matter of her brother and I could just go back to writing this sad-sack mess and never change anything and it would be okay because Id be sad. The only thing I want right now is to leave this room, or rather, go to a place where I can leave this room. I cant stand going into that room anymore. Img img endspoilerRAW Paste DataspoilerYoure a detective. You dont need to ask how thats going to go. You know how thats going to go, of course youre going to be sad. In the back of your mind, you still feel that sense of loss that your sister once had. As sad as you are you dont know what to do, what you should do. There was murder involved, but the motive didnt feel like murder. You dont know, you feel like you should look into that, like you should find the truth, to find.

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