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Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, culture, social psychology, philosophy, sociology. Beauty is studied as part of aesthetics, culture, social, psychology, philosophy, social, culture, philosophy, sociology. You go with beautyAfter reading about the beauty of the ocean you decide to go with it. The first thought that enters your head is Ive seen this before, I want this. You have a lot more choices than you think you say as you get out of the car and leave the house. I see youre an adventurer, thats good; Im just a man, she says. She says hello to you and you explain the whole story. She asks you a lot of questions about yourself and why you came to this house, but the answers are vague. A week later she turns up at your door with a big bag. The moment you open the door, you can smell her, and her mouth has a slight taste of apple pie. Um, sorry, I dont speak your language. I am the owner of this house, and I am here to take you for a date to the nearest beauty spot in the city: Beauty Park where all the girls are more beautiful than anyone here. You are at the park and the two of you sit at a table. Hey, you look different than before. The waitress says while she takes your order. The waitress looks over to you and smiles, and then slowly walks over to you. She looks at her clothes and then back to you as you both drink beer from the bottle. She has shoulder length brown hair and beautiful red eyes. She wears a white shirt and matching skirt and white tennis shoes. He said you looked very nice. He said youll taste really nice. That reminds me, I dont remember you from last time. I went there with a guy and got really drunk.

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