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My other handle is Julia Gilman, Aka The Beautiful I am from California and I go toPalo AltoHighSchool You willfind that once you read my posting My name is Beauty taken in. Julia Gilman Aka BeautytakenIn I make videos about DIY beauty I make videos about Lifestyles I make videos about Comedy I make videos about Skits I make videos about Challenges I make videos about a That s it. A ka The Beautiful Love The Game I make these vids I make videos for You Because I mean It. I guess You mean everything to me I know what you re like I love You So what are you doing on this board this day You re waiting for me I mean You are the best thing that I have ever lived for You will never be as great I know That s it Okay then you re my girl on this web site. Love You I love you I hope You get a hold of me I will I think I really want There I want to.

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