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Get The Book The Next Generation of Professional Beauty You read through The Next Generation of Professional Beauty, then return to the main body of the game. Or better said, the most advanced professional beauty in the industry, according to the sales pitch by the salesmen at Beauty Systems Group, BSG is the groups Advanced Beauty System. Not only is it better, but it is a simple one-stop-shop for any beauty-obsessed professional, as it was designed in conjunction with the salespeople at each of the companies represented by the salesmen. The Advanced Beauty System consists of the following:The Advanced Beauty SystemThe Advanced Beauty System was not only designed to cater to the needs of the professional beauty industry, but also to cater to the needs of the beauty-obsessed general public. So, if you were interested in a more glamorous life, you would be able to opt for the Glamour System, the Highly Skilled Beauty System or indeed the Glamour Plus System. If you wanted the most advanced system at the highest quality, the Premium Beauty System would suit you better. If you wanted to be able to have any kind of makeup applied on you, the Facial Prosthetics System would be ideal for you. The Advanced Beauty SystemAs you were looking through the system, you saw that the list of features that were to be included for you to choose from included:The Highly Skilled Beauty System which was to provide you with professional services for a fee. You were soon greeted by the Beauty System representatives, who introduced themselves as your beauty advisors. They were of a professional standard, with dark blond hair and dark eyes. They were dressed in the standard attire of such people: long-sleeved white shirts and short-sleeved black trousers with a belt that hung around their waists. Their black shoes were also quite fancy. Their hair was slightly longer than your own, though this was most likely due to all of them being consultants. You were now greeted by the Beauty Advisor Coyle, the last one in the line of those who had shown interest in the system. He was a bit older than everybody else here.

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