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Re looking for the word that best describes them. You say and begin to look through your notes. You try it out on your sisters and then on yourself and feel a little better. You walk around the house and take all your shit to the basement and start rummaging through all the drawers in the garage looking for some kind of nice. Ve got enough money for a couple days so you decide to spend it on a prostitute. Re about to leave when you hear a loud noise in the basement. You hear your mother say running out of the room. You follow her and find her in a panic. T even like the food any more. The pair of you run out the basement leaving the door open. You hear shouting in the living room and screaming in the next room. S then you see the monster at the end of the living room. S still pretty strong, but this monster has made her lose control of her powers. You quickly rush up to your room.

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