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Rsquo You can only imagine how long you and your friend will be at this beauty shop for. You know itll be quite some time, so you decide to take the opportunity to take Sally Beauty out to get some supplies, just as you do every month. Stewart Center, which you have no idea what that is, but it seems like just a place that was abandoned and left to die. On the outside you cant even tell what is inside the building. On the inside, there is an elevator that you have to use that leads up to Sally Beauty. The elevator doesnt work, but the elevator room doesnt look dangerous. Inside the elevator room is a long hall with four-foot high walls, a bunch of doors, and a large elevator doors on top of the first door facing you. The elevator doors on the side of the elevator will take you up to your destination. On the other side of the elevator entrance is a long, black hall with identical doors to the one on top of the elevator, but theyre all facing away from you. You walk around with your eyes scanning a bunch of doors. In one of the back doors you see a little sign that gives the name Sally Beauty on the outside and the building number on the inside. You read off the street number of another building that makes sense. You press the black door open to a big room with a wall of windows out to the sky. In the room you see several rows and rows of shelves with a bunch of things you dont recognize. Some of the shelves are marked with numbers and letters, while others arent. When the doors to the next floor open, you make your way over to the second shelf. There is a huge poster of a gorgeous woman with a smiley face on it. The poster looks like it says Sally Beauty Salon. You turn the poster over and read the numbersYou turn the poster over and read the numbers on the poster. 4-09It looks like your head will hurt a lot longer. You try to clear away the pain by lying down, but its not until youre almost asleep that you manage to do that. When you open your eyes its pitch dark and you dont know if youre ever going to get to sleep again.

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