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Im in the right area of town if you need beauty products. If you just want a new outfit, you dont need any other clothes. So if you just want to look good for the rest of the day, go find one of those at the thrift shop. You spend time at the salon to make up for your lack of clothes. You dont want to spend any longer than you have to in this fashion-free existence that you are in. If you really want to look good for the rest of the day, you need to do something. The only thing that makes you think youre not going to find anything good at the shop is that if you go looking in the local salons, you just might have to deal with some of the unsavory characters who come to the shop to get their hair cut and other beauty services. You can go find the Salon that specializes in Wigs. Its not really the salon that you need; you need to go to the place that has the most variety of wigs. You look through the list of Salon, and there is no particular spot that catches your eye. You want something that will not just be a wig, but also a wig-style that you havent seen before. You cant imagine that a Salon that just does the ordinary wigs would even need a wig-shop of its own. You also have to have something that will look good when you try on the wigs, but you dont have much hope for that since you cant imagine that the places that do these things are looking for the best of the best when they are getting the wigs. You need a wig not only for yourself, but as something to wear to look better at the beauty-parlor for the rest of time. You find a cheap wig at the storeroom of the Beauty Parlor and buy a wig that looks like what you want it to. Then you come in, walk up and down the aisles for a minute and then walk up and down the aisles just like a regular customer. No one else is around; maybe some of the staff or some of the customers are here, but there is no one else to see the wigs. You dont know what brand you should get. You have not been around salons before, so you dont have any idea of the prices of wigs and you dont have any idea which one would be cheapest. You buy a pretty wacky looking wig. You find a pretty wacky looking wig that is cheap. When you come in, you make a note of buying a wig, since you have not been a w.

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