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On the other side of the fence, the sign on the front door of the building says: Beauty School in Denver. Youll find out later if the school is located near the airport. You decide to go to beauty school in Denver. You have plenty of money and time so you decide to go to the beauty school. You get on a bus and you begin to walk towards beauty school in Denver. This is a very big decision for you and probably quite a risky one. Youre going to go to beauty school in a place where they arent exactly sure what you do. You walk through the streets of Denver towards beauty school. The buses are filling up in many locales that youve never visited before. There may even be a few empty ones. You dont know where beauty school is located yet. The more you walk in an area looking for beauty school the more it seems that youre walking through a mall. Men of all ethnicities, religions, and political persuasions. You keep walking and continue looking but there is no beauty school. The mall looks quite different than beauty school. You decide to enter one beauty salon on your way there. You enter a small beauty salon in a building which is not particularly large. The woman behind the counter is very nice and she smiles at you as she says: Hi, Im Anna and I work here in this salon. Yes, Ive come to the right place Im very sorry, but we dont have classes today is all she says. This is the first time youve ever heard someone call beauty school an esthetics class before. Youre so angry that you shout What the fuck are you lying to me about. Ive already wasted money on a bus trip, this place is cheating me out of my money. At which point you see a man with a bus full of people behind you. You decide to turn back towards beauty school. You turn back towards beauty school. You turn back towards beauty school, it seems that there isnt any more beauty school in this area. You decide to continue on to the airport and that is when you see beauty school next to an old school. Beauty school is actually still in operation, even if the buildings have fallen into ruins from weather, etc.

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