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You need to change your clothesYou need to change your clothes to get rid of the smell of urine and dead bodies. The only things about you that are clean and smell good is your body, your face and your heart. You walk out into the hallway with a small army of dead bodies behind you. What the fuck else do you people need. You follow the orders of the dead bodies to the bedroom of the dead Queen. You step inside and find a large bed with a headboard above it. You sit down on the headboard while you wipe the blood from your face with your sleeve. You think about the words Beauty – Queen and find that you cant come up with anything good to say about her; the only thing that comes to your mind is disgusting and unpleasant. You take a bathYou think about what the rest of the words could be. The more you think about it, the more disgusting and disgusting these thoughts become. The thought of her being Beautiful – Beautiful – Beautiful – Beautiful Queen would describe her in a way thats very similar to you. Is the result of your Beauty – Queen phrase. You put a happy face on your face and look up at the sky, which is now dark. You then slowly get up and leave the room to leave a message for the dead bodies. You walk back into the corridorYou walk back into the corridor and find that a guard has already opened the door. You use the sword to chop his neck offYou walk slowly into the corridor, holding the sword between your knees, while the dead bodies behind you follow behind you. You stand in the corridor, staring at the Guard, who is slowly opening and closing his shirt collar. All you have to do is chop his neck off. Then, he notices the sword, which he sees through the corner of his eye. He must have the courage to attack you; you might have to kill him. As you take a sharp breath, the Guard stands up and slashes at you. You dodge and stab him in the backYou dodge the attack and stab the Guard in the back three times. You keep walking in silence as he collapses to the floor. You walk slowly in silence as he slumps over, unable to walk, and dies.

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