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You can imagine people all over the world using the same technological means to make decisions about what to do. Imagine the day when your house has a robot maid that cleans your house for you, when you have your car beep when you drive by a toll booth to raise awareness for the disabled and in the future you will soon be able to talk to your robot assistant and it will listen to you and make the right decision. A scary vision of the future with too much technology and not enough sanity. And the fact is, these type of visions are actually being fulfilled. Here we go, a video about a robot that can help you in every way possible. The video is produced by Samsung Electronics and is called Samsung Electronics Smart Home Automation Interface for the Home. What is most important about this video and what will be different from your typical robot video is the The Robot is not A robot that does all the work for you. S A robot that helps you by doing many things yourself. Its brain is a voice recognition system and it has a video camera and a multi-function touch screen. S more intelligent than your average talking television. Samsung makes the smart home interface called SmartThings. Do you need any more power. Do you need the laundry done now. S the weather like outside my window.

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