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Im not accepting any more commissions except for the last one since there will be no time for me to work on the rest. If you want to buy a new one, ask me for one. Im accepting payment through paypal for most of my artworks. But if there is any item youre interested in, but not sure how to pay, please dont hesitate to ask. So you can imagine my excitement when someone told me that another book about making art is going to be published in 2018, and its going to be called Artists at Work. Ive been reading this book for the last year and a half, and so far, I am in love. I have read many books on the subject of artists and making art. I havent read one that is as comprehensive, as rich, and as insightful as the book being written by Kate and Peter Grosz. I know that I would have been pretty upset to learn that I will be leaving my post as an associate professor in the department of graphic arts at UCLA and my position at a number of art institutions after the 2019-20 academic year. My plan would have been to find a new teaching position right away, and if things didnt work out with these institutions, I could have found a private practice to continue teaching. On December 21 of this year, two days before I was scheduled to leave LA, I received a call from a person who described himself as the dean, from an art school that had offered a teaching job to me, and told me that I was not even invited to reapply. Why would this person come to me with such news. I had been offered a job that I could not turn down. The only way I knew to get in touch with the university to confirm what this person had told me was to call them in writing. The university never called me in writing, and the person who called me claimed to be the Dean. I will not be able to find a new teaching position in my field in a short period of time. I want to feel good about what I have accomplished in my career.

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