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You pick up a few items at the liquor store, but not enough to make a big purchase. Not worth the money plus the trouble of leaving here. On your way out of the department store, you start feeling tired. T afford to sleep in too much longer. Re not even fully dressed now, but your head is still swimming from the excitement of being near Cologne. T even remember how you got to be this way. You begin to look around as you continue on your way. The sky is so beautiful today, like it was yesterday. Ve never seen so many flowers. You say to yourself as you begin to look around more. Ve never seen so many shops. Again, you say to yourself as you continue to look around more. You start to see more of the city as you look around more. They seem to be quite a few, but not so many they cause an obstruction to your path. You begin to drive more slowly, just so you can appreciate the view. Re not enjoying it so much anymore. You say to the empty space beside your thoughts. You immediately pull the car into the gas station and stretch out in the car.

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