Beauty is truth, truth beauty-that is all Ye know on Earth, and all …

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Hello, you say with a voice that is as flat as the ground as you walk up to him. No time for introductions, he says with a sigh. I thought you were gonna ask me for a favor, he says. M gonna get in trouble for this, the man says. Why do you keep staring at my eyes. S even told you his own name. Ll ask him that, but can you do it for me. My mother and father were separated by time, space, and the void of oblivion before I was conceived, so my father was known as Theodor Zangmar, a name that was not to be spoken of on this mortal plane. I can only assume shes my cousin. You did not know her daughter, as you call her. She was raised by her own mother, not anyone else, and was known only as Theodor Zangmar. Re welcome to her bones, but you should not use them for anything.

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