Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a …

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To know beauty is your best way of life. To be in love with your03001 To be beautiful is a beautiful thing, to not give up, to love forever. I dont know how the fuck I never picked it up in high school, but I think I just never thought about it.

It was an honor to have received this wonderful book as a gift from my Santa. Im going to spend a lot of time reading it. Im not sure on the exchange, but from what Ive read from the others it sounds like you werent even able to post on reddit, so Im not sure where all the interest in my username comes from. I dont see anyone saying anything about this awesome book they got me. I wish my Santa was a bit more social and put a little more effort into a secret santa. A large portion of the public is unhappy with the current management of the city, so youre not surprised to read of recent demonstrations, protests, and rioting. While they dont go as far as the ones in the past, they still are a serious problem and could result in a loss of law and order. There have been reports that the Zalan Empire may send in troops to restore order, but you are not optimistic that the issue will be resolved, and you are not even sure if a Zalan official is even willing to try to resolve it. T have the public taking matters into their own hands, even if they want to. D hate to have to send them on a suicide mission. You could, however, have them watch the rioters and let the Zalan soldiers deal with them. You also remind the soldiers that killing the rioters is only going to make things worse. After doing this for a couple hours, you look over your soldiers and see almost none left. You wonder if he was captured by those beasts that were attacking the city. You tell the others to prepare for a possible attack by the orcs. Re leaving, you tell this one soldier that he needs to stay behind and watch the rioters.

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