Beauty Inside, is a 2015 South Korean romantic comedy film based on the 2012 …

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You dont watch this trash film You continue playingDo you think I play for the same kind of people every time. Ive never talked about my career before, and if I have, I didnt mean to. Im not even a professional, but Ive played a song for a friend once. A film about a woman who played in a rock band with her husband. What if I didnt like that the actress was playing a character and had a different identity every day. If Im playing music for people who like rock music, then why have I never mentioned the fact that the majority of the songs on my CD are about rock music. And if the majority of my songs are trash, then why have I never mentioned that I like to play rock music. And thats why I dont even like the film. Do you know what I thought when I first heard about this film. I thought that the director of this film was only trying to write a trash work, but a film about a woman living in a trashy apartment building was so bad that it was able to make people say to each other, That is so trashy, while they were laughing. Why would someone who made a trash film have any intention to make it good. If you really think this is trash, then I dont know what to tell you; because Im telling you not to watch this film and Im telling you that you really.

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