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ThePataki and Levys personal lives are not public knowledge, though many people would be interested to see such a public figure with two well-known wives. Levy has a large fan base and has written several books and poems in the style of an American woman. Levy has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show and her memoir, One for the Road, was made into a movie. The couple met while both were studying at Barnard College. Pataki is also a popular figure in Jewish circles, even leading a Jewish Pride march through New York in 1999 to raise awareness of issues facing the Jewish community in the wake of 9-11. Her husband Dave also has a large following. Some of Levys fans are Jewish and some arent. Many of Levys fans also include the Levys themselves. The Levys are also famous among gay circles. Levy made a cameo in the movie Stonewall and married a former boyfriend of her daughters shortly after the movie came out. Levy and the former boyfriend lived together briefly, then split up Levy has been very outspoken about some of the issues facing the gay community. In 1999, Levy wrote an article for Time magazine about being gay. She has advocated for gay rights as well as abortion rights. Levy has said that she believes both are fundamental American values. Levy was quoted as saying in an interview with the New York Times, Thats how I feel. I want to stay here, the Constitution does not allow me to leave. Its up to the voters, but Im not going to get a special pass. Levy and Pataki have been married since 2000. Like many politicians, Pataki has two children. Her oldest daughter is Ann-Marie who is also a Republican. More on them belowIn an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Levy was asked if there was a favorite part of parenting a child. And I think being a mother is the most fun of all the things. In 2007, Pataki was married to Dave Levy and still lives with him. Dave runs a small business, Levy Products, which sells products to help small-business women. The couple have had two children together: A daughter named Lizzie and a son named Jackson.

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