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He says he is going to come see me in a few days and he wont come here. He said he has to go back to his village to help some old ladies. I think he is lying to me, that he just wants to see me in case something happens. You read the letter again and this time you notice something you never saw before in the letter. He says he has to go back to his village to help some old ladies. You read the letter and notice that Zhang wants you to come with him. You are really curious about this and you dont want to be rude about this but you dont know how to reply to this. You dont really have much time to think about this so you decide to not say anything. You feel a little guilty for not responding, you dont really wish to leave. Come in, come in, come inYou enter the door and there stands Zhang who is carrying a big bag. I got a big bag with me, I have been waiting for you he says. I am in my room for the entire day now. Zhang gets off the chair and goes back to the chair. You think this is a little strange and you dont really want this to escalate. You leave him aloneYou think Zhang was probably just being a little bitch to you but you are not going out just because he wants to see you. Zhang is your roommate after all and you dont want this to have negative repercussions so you quickly leave the room and go to your room. You in fact you feel a little bad about not respondingYou feel really bad about Zhang and want to at least say something to him so you dont get into trouble. You think youll say that you wont be at the school for long. Ill be home late tomorrow after I finish packing my bags you say, I thought about telling you that but I decided not to since I am still interested in you anyway. Let me know if you change your mind. Okay, good bye Zhang; I guess Ill be seeing you again next week. You say and leave the door and the hallway completely.

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