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Beauty Glazed 63 Colors Eyeshadow Professional Makeup 63 Colors EyeShadow Palette Powder With Profession Makeup Brushes Set and Powder Blender Beauty Glazed EyeShadow. Anonymous 051015, Mon, 12:27:53 PM No. 99272Anonymous 051015, Mon, 12:33:09 PM No. You should be careful if and when you get an email from this bitch. Anonymous 051015, Mon, 12:43:35 PM No.

Beauty glazed your shades eyeshadow palette. User Info: KossieKitty KossieKitty 2 years ago 5I do realize that the price of a palette that comes with 7 shadows is probably going to be cheaper, but youre going to be missing out on some pretty nice colors. Its also worth noting that its not like youre going to necessarily be able to find that many of them. I only have two shadows left in my original shadow palette and the last two I picked up with a friend on a mission from god, I believe he wanted to play dark souls Its not like I have a lot of shadows. The only exception that comes to mind is probably Dendrins shadow, since Im a massive fan, though not for lack of trying, if I was really going to get to it. And if you want to save a bit more, you could also try eBay. Someone with more knowledge in this area Im sure can link you to places. Personally Im not sure how much difference it makes, but its a good idea to at least go through that avenue since its always a possibility that something might pop up in your area that you cant find. 33DS FC: 4339 4959 3307 3User Info: Tymestalker Tymestalker, Topic Creator, 2 years ago 6 KossieKitty posted.

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