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Beauty is an important element of any culture, though sometimes it isnt. You find the beauty of the islandThe beauty of the island was to you just like it was to everyone else. While you had some issues on your end, the island had its own charm and you were happy. You had no idea you would end up on the island at all. Of course, the island was the only thing that had any beauty to it, so you went in searching for that. While you couldve traveled straight towards the center of the island that had all the beautiful architecture, you had to be here on the island and had to be in a state of being able to enjoy the beauty. The main thing you were looking for was beauty. You could go out and search for beauty anywhere else, but you hadnt anywhere else to go unless you wanted some trouble, and that didnt really interest you. Now that you were on the island, there was no point in finding anything else. On a side note, your sister was very helpful about helping you find beauty and also gave you a hint on what to look for:The island that everyone is on is really hot, and that is the beauty of it. You have to be wearing at least one piece of clothing that covers your skin. Even when there are no people around, you have to be careful and keep a piece of clothing on. You were here on some kind of cruise ship on which was a vacation. Lots of people, but nothing much had to actually be done. You found everything you were looking for. The ocean around the island was the ocean that you would find anywhere. You felt very comfortable anywhere on the island at any time. You thought for a bit about whether you should continue on or not; you decided that maybe you should take a closer look at something on the island; you wanted to see if you could find some more information about your current condition. You continue, but check your conditionYou continued on until you found a place that you would find your goal. The place you found the island was definitely quite big, but it wasnt all that bad looking. From the outside, it looked like a pretty normal hotel. You looked at the outside of the hotel from time to time, but you were focused on checking up on your situation. There werent many people around, but you found that you were really comfortable, which was an unusual thing for you. There were no beds in the hotel, so you were going to have to sleep on the floor.

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