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You acceptYou feel a little weird about accepting this, but you figure you had nothing to lose by accepting their offer. You and the owner of the shop exchange pleasantries for a while, before he asks if he could show you around his shop. He takes you to his office which is filled with various pieces of clothing and accessories. You see a few different things, but none of them are the perfect item that you were looking for. M not sure if this material is better or worse than normal silk. Re coming with me on my shopping spree. He puts up a few different pieces and you select one. Large, but you suppose it will work with your body shape. In any case, I think we should get started. The owner leads you to a dressing room with a large mirror to look at yourself in a variety of clothing and accessories. S going to let you choose a better one. S mostly based on personal preference anyway. You feel a little weird when he addresses the rest of the collection, but then you remember that he did say to come see you while you were here. First things first, please pick out a pair of shoes and a blouse. Oh yeah, I thought you might like the colors. And just so you know, we can order them whatever color you want. Re planning on going into this business together.

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