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You open the door and step outside, closing it behind you. You open the curtains and see the moonlight reflecting off the cold stone of the wall. The woman stands in the next room, her back to you. You say Go onIll meet you downstairs, you say. The woman nods, turns around, and disappears into the next room. You can only guess what shes doing, but then you also guess that shes probably in the basement with your other two companions as the woman described them yesterday. You look out at the dark empty streets and realize that youve never been out this late before. The woman emerges from the next room, carrying a small leather satchel. She opens the top, revealing a stack of folded up papers. She hands you one and you read it:Im sorry for not writing. After I read your letter I went over a lot of things, and after checking with several trusted people, I came to the conclusion that today was not the right day to execute your plan. The town may be under martial law, but its not like the men have access to any kind of military equipment, let alone armored personnel carriers. I dont want to keep you waiting, so heres everything you need to get the job done today. Youll need a team of soldiers, as well as supplies. Im sure you realize that the more people you have to work with, the better. You can also use mercenaries, since that might work better in the long run. For the team, I suggest you choose from mercenaries that have already been in your position before. The mercenaries Im thinking about have been under my control for years, and Im quite sure youll be able to find a good one with your intelligence. Im going to suggest three: KlemtoLikes: Hes not a fan of humans, but hes a fan of killing them. Klemtos a very skilled sharpshooter and marksman, as well a good leader. Hes a little arrogant, but in a professional way. He has a nasty habit of making fun of the people around him, but he can never fail to be professional. Hes also very loyal, he wont do a job unless he believes that its morally right.

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