Beauty comes from within

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They sparkle and shine, but when the darkness sets in. In short, there is no other meaning to my life than Love. Why cant we all love like that too. This is a conversation between a creepy old man and Johnny, young, dumb, and alone Johnny, young, dumb, and alone, : Hello, human. Johnny, young, dumb, and alone, : You killed my daughter, and Im going to kill you. A creepy old man: OH FUCKING NO. Johnny, young, dumb, and alone, has left the conversation. A creepy old man is now known as Johnny, young, dumb, and aloneBy John Schroyer and Mike WynnCronkite NewsA giant panda in China has died, ending an animals distinguished life on screen in just four years. An estimated 2 million people watched the panda, named Xiao Hai, and its mother mate Tian Tian, mate last May in China, sparking a worldwide fascination with the majestic animals. It was the first panda pair to mate in nearly a century. Xiao Hai is not doing so well, said the Chinese Academy of Sciences in a statement. He has been suffering from a severe health problem. At this moment we are awaiting the results of various tests. Xiao Hai and Tian Tian will be put down, the statement said. Tian Tian died in the spring of 2013 and Xiao Hai died on. He and his mate were born alone in the Sichuan desert. Tian Tian died of hunger when he was just a few weeks old, leaving behind a broken, deformed and starved cub. The mother panda would not leave her cubs side, and the cub slowly died of malnutrition, according to The Associated Press. From that moment, the panda was known as Xiao Hai, or baby panda in Mandarin.

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