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The two of you move forward while you make your announcement. You make a small leap into the air, and fall onto one of the shrubs, before a hand touches your shoulder. Im glad you saw the good in me, says the voice. The grass around you starts to glow, turning a bright red and pulsing with a soft blue light. Its a good thing you made the right choice in wearing the best purple you could find. Your feet find themselves on the ground again, and it takes you a moment to wrap your head around all the information you just received. Before you, the grass has turned into a large, flat circular structure, with long, thin, pink pipes running along the walls. The pipes are lined up in a circle so, when you move, the pipes will gently change direction. You look at the plants in front of you, each of them being in the same position that they were before the glow began. They glow in a similar fashion, too, just not to the same degree. Your heart pounds in your chest, and you look at the plant in front of you. Theyre human souls, with a certain amount of individuality, and they look like theyre trying their best to help you. Theyre not perfect, nor are they completely trustworthy. They were given a little freedom to choose how they wanted to live their lives, not you. You can only hope that they choose the one option that allows them to continue on. You can sense the soul behind them, the one who created them, and youre not sure why you should care. A plant, and a single soul that doesnt deserve your concern or respect. Samantha Stamm, a junior at the University of Washington, recently received a note attached to her car saying, Welcome to your world. May God help you in your transition. Stamm was a victim of a hate crime in what has been described as a hate crime. The note was written on a sticky note, which is a common device used in anti-gay violence. When Stamm saw the note attached to her car, she was shocked.

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