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However, I do know how to make the basic cocktail. Im also familiar with some of the fine places. If theres a particular drink you like, I can probably get it for you. Im not much for service, but I can offer that as an option. I can also provide a list of friends who can help you on your next trip. If youre just looking for a night out on the town and want to meet some people, thats fine with me as well. I might even have someone nearby to give you a ride home if you dont feel like you can get a cab. However you want to do it, the important thing is that I can get you a ride to your place of choice. Youll have to decide how much youre willing to spend. You have no moneyI cant give you a ride, but I can give you a ride home. You take my hand and begin the journey. You find yourself transported to a strange and faraway place within the space of an instant. The last thing you sense as you drift off into a strange and faraway land is a voice calling to you. I am the voice of Beauty, The Creator, who created you out of nothingness, out of pure love. I am so happy that you have been chosen to be my beloved. I am so happy that you have found someone who is like you. Your mind begins to fade away as your consciousness fades away. You fall in and find yourself in a strange, unfamiliar feeling landscape. Your eyes float up as darkness falls over you. Your senses fade as your senses fade away. When you wake up, you are not alone.

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